Show a Process

Show a process

Description: Ask students to demonstrate work by documenting a process. This can work in two contexts: 1) Inviting students to be experts in how to do something and asking them to demonstrate that knowledge in steps. 2) Show and share work in math and science classes that require process-focused teaching and learning. For classes where learning is demonstrated not only in the final answer, but in the process, this assignment adds a meta-reflective component which makes students aware of the learning process. This series of photographs can be shared with the class and used as a learning tool . This reflective exercise centers process and can be used to foster engagement and connection in the classroom, particularly when teaching online and in hybrid classrooms.

Notes: This is a good opportunity to try out annotations. There are several digital annotation tools that can be incorporated into this assignment. When you ask students to explain their work and engage with knowledge on multiple levels, the conditions for learning are possible. Photography can facilitate process-focused learning by asking students to identify key parts of the process, frame and explain. This assignment also helps build digital literacy as you ask students to move across platforms to produce and share original content. You can guide students to submit the photographs as part of an informative photo-essay or an instagram account. 


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